Impressions upon an Avengers: Infinity War

Almost goes without saying, massive spoilers herein forewarned.

Do not read ahead unless you’ve already seen.

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Chinglish 2016

Not much Chinglish to occupy my eye these days, but I do have a few to start off 2016 while it’s still January:

To be disdained! I shall never breaking the branches, #Chinglish

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Fine I won't depend on the door, #Chinglish

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Keep it secret keep it safe, #eggroll #chinglish?

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While I’m at it, here’s some more funny China stuff in the form of bootleg Star Wars toys! Followed by my own small Lego Star Wars collection, and you can guess which ones are fakes…

Gotta love these bootleg #Chinese #Lego #StarWars!

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Building quite the little collection #Lego #Starwars

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O YEAH – and ‘bootlegos’, get it?

I recently terribly injured my finger while cutting vegetables, and needed to buy a Band-Aid. At least, in America we call these bandages Band-Aids. I know you Anglos call them plasters.




Also, let me add some bootleg Legos — hereafter referred to as ‘bootlegos.’ Get it? I slay me.

I bought the Star Wars TIE Fighter. Sorry

The Minecraft one charmingly says “The More You Play With Me, The Happier I Will Be!”

Cute right~


Yet more… American ‘Chinglish!’

Who would have thought it, but yet more badly spelled and funny Englishes I came across while in America.

I should have known finalizing my last post was premature. I can have a bad habit of getting ahead of myself…

If you’re new here, please take note of: this is Chinglish


WP_20140616_001Nice and ghetto, gotta love Long Beach 


WP_20140615_022Father’s Day at Little Tokyo 

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