As a longtime author and editor, I’d like to offer my services in the fields editing, copyediting, and proofreading. A detailed summary of my experience and rates are below. Feel free to click on the links for further information.

For journalism writing samples, I have worked extensively at the Shenzhen Daily, South China’s only daily English-language newspaper. I have also been published a number of times by the reputable Wall Street Journal.

In 2016, my novel South China Morning Blues was released by Hong Kong-based publisher Blacksmith Books. I have also had fiction published by TWG Press in Taiwan.

As for my credentials, I have enrolled in the University of California San Diego’s advanced Copyediting Certificate program.

I have since worked with a number of high-profile clients on a regular basis, including China-based translation companies CEPIEC (China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd.) as well as Grouphorse. I have also contributed education material for Taiwan’s AMC.

My most notable editing work may be the novel Death Notice by Zhou Haohui, which was published in the United States by Penguin Random House.

My starting rates are as follows for these currencies:

.03 USD per word (United States)
.25 CNY per word (China, PRC)
1 NTD per word (Taiwan, ROC)

Please contact me via email at for any inquiries.

Calling all writers, calling all proofreaders!

A fond hello to all you brilliant aspiring writers out there.

Who would like to help me on a manuscript? That whole I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine setup…

I, an experienced professional copyeditor, will help scour your manuscript for typos. And you can help me. Networking and all that.

My latest is a slim eBook at under 50,000 words. I suspect you will find it a good read. It’s my last eBook before I officially get “real published” and I hope to polish it as much as possible. Please help me with one last edit.


My contact information is on my About Me up there, but let me reiterate: let’s correspond and do say hi via

Can’t wait to read your own works of genius and soon 🙂



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