Your Most Epic Weekend Chinglish

Hi everyone. In lieu of no Chinglish for a while, here’s a whole bunch:


Don’t just push some


Be confiscated, yo


While at the bank, make copies at this Duplicator!


Trapped in Wuzhen


Just too much. As a biciclyst, I thank the police for the kindly Reminder

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GZ Chinglish

Hey, just because I’m taking it easy with blogging (am I really?) doesn’t mean no more Chinglish!

A bit from my Guangzhou trip:


As a vegetarian I find it very offensive to eat a pig bag


Simple, accurate, but I find funny for some reason


Just at a restaurant-pub. Listen to the boss!


Hong Kong Chinglish

Recently, I went on a short trip to Hong Kong. I was just there for a couple of days, but I did find a few random pictures to share.

Like Taiwan, Hong Kong is supposed to be more modern and developed than mainland China. Yet if you seek it out, there are misspellings to discover…

And an important sticker


Looks appetizing



Dessevt spelled wrong. I’m trying here, it’s HK!



Finally, that’s not funny that’s cool. Power to the People!!


Chinglish – Kinmen, Taiwan

I recently traveled to the city of Xiamen in Fujian Province, one of the four original Special Economic Zones. Just as Shenzhen was built up to foster investment from overseas Chinese people (and Zhuhai ala Macau as well), Xiamen was propped in relation to Taiwan.

Although Taiwan is relatively a bit far away, there is the nearby island of Kinmen which is administrated by the ROC government of Taiwan. A small town only thirty minutes away by ferry, it is a nice and charming place to visit and really feels different from mainland China.

Here are some rare Taiwanese Chinglishes, and various other funny pictures:

Note the complex traditional characters 繁體字


Always helpful advice on the urinal. Ummm… cute?


AWWW look up close it says BEAGLE BRIGADE! Cutest port of entry ever. Hard to take a good pic though


OK I won’t through my garage into the sea


Back to the mainland, shops


More toilet fun. What gender is that?


Emiction?? Compartmentalize…