3 thoughts on “Oh! My God! Here is so Great !

  1. Common ‘Chinese-English’ grammatical error. I can visualize an essay in my head (having edited so many):
    Here is so great. I very like here. Here is can shopping and have many brand such as Nike, Adidas, LV, etc. This weekend I and my friend is go to here because he want buy the T-shirt. In the lunch time there are many delicious. We try eat noodle but noodle too salty. So we try eat the pizza and my friend make a long cheese. I laugh my friend. After eat the lunch we see many store have the on sale. Shopping is can very happy in my free time.

    The above is why I quit buxiban work. (Well, one of the reasons). If you wanna edit essays like that, god bless you. It ain’t for me.


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