Your Most Epic Weekend Chinglish

Hi everyone. In lieu of no Chinglish for a while, here’s a whole bunch:


Don’t just push some


Be confiscated, yo


While at the bank, make copies at this Duplicator!


Trapped in Wuzhen


Just too much. As a biciclyst, I thank the police for the kindly Reminder


Read closely. A good family dentist always looks after your teeth ALL THE TIME


Lastly, one of those poetic grass signs

Been a while ay’

Till next time 😀

4 thoughts on “Your Most Epic Weekend Chinglish

  1. The “forged banknote be confiscated” almost sounds more like internet slang than Engrish. Does that mean they’re being nerdy instead of translating poorly? If so, awesome.

    As for the bicycle sign … what does that even mean?

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