Biweekly Chinglish

Hello all you Chinglish lovers, sorry for the wait.

What would you say to a biweekly Chinglish, every-other-weekend…? Just thoughts

Note the T-shirts, sign I possibly posted before, beware of lost, and a guy who must absolutely love his job :/








Please let me add something that didn’t work, but oh how funny it would be if it did.

I was walking down the street the other day, and suddenly beheld a lady wearing a shirt that loudly proclaimed PERVERT. It was amazing.

I tried to take a picture. Perhaps I should have asked her if I could take a pic, but I get shy about that sometimes. Ultimately, I missed the mark. Would have been so funny.

Makes one wonder what could have been… And where the hell these shirts come from?


Chinglish – Random T-shirts Edition part 2


My last Chinglish on T-shirts went over surprisingly well. Didn’t expect that. On Facebook nobody seemed to care and I retired that album. Glad to know WordPress bloggers have more taste.

Here are some further shirts from my archives. If the market demands so, I will awkwardly take more pictures of people I see outside with their weird nonsensical English shirts. There are the ones seen for sale as well, but to truly challenge myself as a photographer I should be bothering people on the street shouldn’t I?


Punk as fuck right!

For Women Only. Do wish I knew what it said behind the hair, it’s a mystery

Shiny and lovely rerson’s girl, every girl wants to feel like that sometimes ❤

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Chinglish – Random T-shirts Edition

Due to moderate demand, this weekend’s edition will focus on the random T-shirts with nonsensical English which Chinese people tend to wear. In fact, this is a broader Asian phenomenon but I’m in China so it’s Chinglish.

I likened it to bad kanji tattoos Westerners get, but at least it isn’t permanent.

Some of the best I haven’t been able to photograph. I used to have a neighbor who had a shirt she’d often wear that spelled out DYKE in big bold letters; I could be wrong but she didn’t seem the type. There was the 6-year-old whose shirt said I LIKE SEX. And so on.

Some of these pictures are awkward because I had to ask the wearer randomly in the street if I could photograph them.

These may not be as good as the mistranslated signs, but without further ado I hope you get a few laughs here:

I think this is one of those ironic novelty shirts from Khao Sarn road in Thailand or somewhere like that. I don’t think the wearer knows what Ecstasy is meant here, but ya never know. Use responsibly. 

More drugs, it’s a way of life for freedom right

Cheerio! Get it? I totally get it, guvnah’, if only this ping pong player got it

Monster, what a little monster

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Chinglish Chinglish


190304_10151146381368411_1855937212_nDouble the fun! And here I thought Taiwan was more progressive

Look closely, can you hear the theme song? “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!”
PS Fuck Michael Bay


Such a cute shirt, and a positive message. Look at their little faces, they sure learned a lesson

More on random T-shirts if demanded…

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