Chinglish Chinglish


190304_10151146381368411_1855937212_nDouble the fun! And here I thought Taiwan was more progressive

Look closely, can you hear the theme song? “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!”
PS Fuck Michael Bay


Such a cute shirt, and a positive message. Look at their little faces, they sure learned a lesson

More on random T-shirts if demanded…

Image019 (2)
As a vegetarian, I’m conflicted. Protein and Vitamin C a healthy combination?

12488_10152126167093411_444926302_nBecause you can never have too much intestinal

1012261_10151652024768411_1889881677_nIt would be so great if people bought such shirts because they knew what it meant, can only hope

If you haven’t noticed, random T-shirts in Asia are the equivalent of your bad kanji tattoo that doesn’t mean what you think it means.


Perestrians always have the right of way


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