Chinglish – Random T-shirts Edition

Due to moderate demand, this weekend’s edition will focus on the random T-shirts with nonsensical English which Chinese people tend to wear. In fact, this is a broader Asian phenomenon but I’m in China so it’s Chinglish.

I likened it to bad kanji tattoos Westerners get, but at least it isn’t permanent.

Some of the best I haven’t been able to photograph. I used to have a neighbor who had a shirt she’d often wear that spelled out DYKE in big bold letters; I could be wrong but she didn’t seem the type. There was the 6-year-old whose shirt said I LIKE SEX. And so on.

Some of these pictures are awkward because I had to ask the wearer randomly in the street if I could photograph them.

These may not be as good as the mistranslated signs, but without further ado I hope you get a few laughs here:

I think this is one of those ironic novelty shirts from Khao Sarn road in Thailand or somewhere like that. I don’t think the wearer knows what Ecstasy is meant here, but ya never know. Use responsibly. 

More drugs, it’s a way of life for freedom right

Cheerio! Get it? I totally get it, guvnah’, if only this ping pong player got it

Monster, what a little monster

I like Pumas too, sure

Perhaps this isn’t random, just cute. In our hearts aren’t we all Geishas sometimes?

Deerway we support X-Large love etc.~

And lastly, a random assortment of cutesy words, schizophrenic word salad style yo

5 thoughts on “Chinglish – Random T-shirts Edition

  1. This is hilarious. I wonder why the people in China like to buy these kind of shirts. Maybe they think the words sound cool. Or the shirts make them feel cool, and look cool. Maybe they think these shirts are cute. Maybe they like their shirts with patterns, colours or at least some decoration on them. Have you ever bought and worn such a shirt? 🙂


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