Shenzhen Daily

SZ Daily
Occasionally I write (and edit) for the local English-language newspaper of Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Daily. All very official. The only English daily in South China…

It’s not much in the realm of hardcore investigative journalism, but some fun lite reads herein. Here are a few humble lite posts worth resharing:

Hong Kong ASSEMBLING Art Exhibition Features Shenzhen-based Artists

Shenzhen-Based Artist Wins Award in Hong Kong

Interview/Restaurant Review: Canadian Opens Vegan Restaurant

Book Review: Good Chinese Wife

Book Review: No City for Slow Men

Film Review: The Wind Rises

Futian District: A Holiday at Lianhua Hill

Interview: American Expat to Run Marathon in Australia

Interview: Expat Cycles to India for Good Cause

Interview: American Starting Local Volunteer Group

Editorial: Kimmel’s Apology Merits Acceptance

Restaurant Review: Vegetarian Oasis


SHenzhen Daily: A Tour of Futian District

Finally, the latest of my Shenzhen Daily articles. Probably the last time I will write these, so pay attention.

On the subject of Futian district, the central region of the city where I live, I play the tour guide. Various landmarks, parks, museums, and nightlife hot spots I can recommend to you. Its a more dynamic city than you’d think. 

If you decide to visit one day, please say hi and perhaps I can show you around!