SHenzhen Daily: A Tour of Futian District

Finally, the latest of my Shenzhen Daily articles. Probably the last time I will write these, so pay attention.

On the subject of Futian district, the central region of the city where I live, I play the tour guide. Various landmarks, parks, museums, and nightlife hot spots I can recommend to you. Its a more dynamic city than you’d think. 

If you decide to visit one day, please say hi and perhaps I can show you around!


Shenzhen Daily writings: Affordable fun at museums and art galleries

Here are some articles I wrote for the main English-language newspaper of Shenzhen. Its not much, but its nice to do the lite journalism thing every once in a while. 

More to come later.

“DESPITE reports to the contrary, Shenzhen does have a cultural side. Residents can spend educational weekends in the city as an affordable way to have fun — and maybe even learn something. In the central districts of Futian and Nanshan, there are four places to see…”