A couple of Chinglishes to tide you over

In these dark times, we must take what we can get to cheer us up 🙂

From a hike in Meilin, and a Snoopy-ish shirt:

(In other news, I finally saw the Peanuts movie and twasn’t bad…)


The Chinglish of Meilin

Sometimes I like to the Meilin neighborhood of Shenzhen. It’s a bit of a halfway point between downtown and the suburban districts, and the vibe is just nice enough outside of the central urban areas. Check it out if you ever visit.

Anyway, recently I happened upon a trove of glorious Chinglish signs in an apartment complex within the area. There were more than these, but I had to stop taking pictures at a certain point. The themes of law-abiding were heavy in this scene…

(And do note my Instagram.) Enjoy: