Last Chinglish…?

Could it be? The final Chinglish??

After years of painstakingly seeking out and taking photos of such delightful Chinglish all over China, my times may be at an end.

I will make an announcement later, stay tuned…

Meanwhile, check these out! Hope you enjoy and have enjoyed 🙂



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Keepin' it "blue" #Chinglish #Engrish #青

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Last #Chinglish…? (E umbrellas, what a nice idea)

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Fire Extinguishers



That’s all I got this week. For emergency services, be more precise! Or something.

I know I know, I can do better. What can I say, it was a dimly lit bar and I was partying a bit. I vaguely remember the fine print was funny. Guess we’ll never know.