Last Chinglish…?

Could it be? The final Chinglish??

After years of painstakingly seeking out and taking photos of such delightful Chinglish all over China, my times may be at an end.

I will make an announcement later, stay tuned…

Meanwhile, check these out! Hope you enjoy and have enjoyed 🙂



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Keepin' it "blue" #Chinglish #Engrish #青

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Last #Chinglish…? (E umbrellas, what a nice idea)

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6 thoughts on “Last Chinglish…?

  1. “The Room of fire experience …” I’m not sure whether that sounds awesome or terrifying.

    Remember everyone, keep blue to help the grass keep having the life.

    “Dishes such as character” … having Beauty and the Beast flashbacks.

    I’ll miss these posts, but at least you can say you went out with a particularly good one.

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  2. Oh no, I always enjoyed the Chinglish posts! I actually wanted to do similar and even got some Chinglish from my trips to China but well, never really got into posting them as I do not think the Chinglish I found is interesting enough :p
    I bet wherever you might move, you will find got wrong English pics 😀

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