Early Aughties the comic: feat. California, war, college, Japan

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2002 to 2004, featuring moving to California for a year, terrible Bush-era politics/war, then triumphant return to Cincinnati–in which we live in a party house and go to college and grow up. And I go to Japan!


Girls and Boys, Voids and Voids – o.p. 08 vii

Girls and Boys, Voids and Voids

There’s a girl in Hollywood
Ecstatic behind her eye
Her heart bursts through veiny flesh
And there is void between her souls

While the worker bees slave for their queen
The royalty of dollars and dog tags
Bloody fingers typing
Enter data
For your queen
And you will be rewarded!

It’s a pretty good deal
All you have to be is death

There is a faggot in the basement!
And he dances a chemical dance
to Rain Gods long forgotten
Lock him up
Or give him money
His shoes of icy spikes will kill us all
Make a choice

Stocks are traded, gold is hoarded
The where, her prince goes in in value
The applicants line up behind
No shortage of love
around here

Step in line for liquid freshness

There’s a drunk on the street corner
with dull stories, to trade for light
Beneath the city’s rainwater
Where stands a celebrity’s blindness
And a cop writes a ticket
and a guitar strummer sings
and a poeter bleeds poison
and a mother worries forever
and an addict mixes synthetics
and the Chinese bake bread
and a dog picks through the rubbish
and a bird crashes through windows
and a Spider dies for her children
and a bacteria colony lasts a thousand generations

and a child forgets your name

and a child goes silently

Don’t you know there’s a war on?
For whose sex is priciest?
And whose void is darkest
And our army will win
Because nature abhors a substance

And my love is conditional

And the world spins slow

And dreams are no fun
not when there’s work to be done