Early Aughties the comic: feat. California, war, college, Japan

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2002 to 2004, featuring moving to California for a year, terrible Bush-era politics/war, then triumphant return to Cincinnati–in which we live in a party house and go to college and grow up. And I go to Japan!


4 thoughts on “Early Aughties the comic: feat. California, war, college, Japan

  1. Really enjoyed reading this, Raj. This felt very differnet from your other blogs and book writings…felt very personal and you weren’t holding any feelings back. Sort of felt like you were reading your life right back at me in real time 🙂 I remember the years of iPods and MySpace…while I don’t use MySpace anymore, I still have an iPod. Looking forward to more of these comics, Ray 🙂

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    • Well, I hope it will get more personal and there will be more feelings as I continued to grow up over the years… It took me while, but my early 20s were probably when I first became a more fleshed-out, somewhat deep human being~

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