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Finding new restaurants near work. yay.

The further mundanity of my exciting life (now imagine that very monotone)

Always trying to discover new restaurants near work, can’t you relate?

Finding a consistent lunch locale. Still exploring the neighborhood, I seem to have the choice of daily eating at Pizza Hut or Starbucks (a Korean restaurant in there too) – a fun treat from time to time but not feasable on a daily basis – or your favorite gutter oil cheapo snacks from Lanzhou to Shaxian. I still haven’t found have that Platonic-ideal of restaurant I’ll become a regular at. There’s always McD’s and KFC but I refuse. The best would be those HK-style diners, know what I mean, where you can get awful sandwiches but delicious Chinese-style curry, Mmm.

Yet yesterday I may have found something good enough. A little teahouse type restaurant, nice atmosphere, wifi, english menu (not that I need it if I may so brag), and so on. Not much of a selection, but they do have curry. Vegetable curry even. With my picky diet there’s only so much I’ll eat, and I was very happy to find that. While the rest of the country and the world fall apart, I have my minor victories. yaaaay.

Any other recommendations for good lunch spots in the Jingtian area out there?

Now just need to find a place here that sells tomato-eggs rice…