4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Oasis

  1. Rebranding is needed in Taiwan, too! I have grown to love a lot of the local delicacies with off-putting names i.e. stinky tofu, for one. If only they called it fermented tofu, it would go over much better with the majority of laowais/waiguoren (or maybe I’ve just been running with the kombucha & granola crowd for too long to know how a real American would size that up, lol).

    A vegetarian myself, albeit one who includes fish and seafood in my diet, I feel your pain with the constantly proclaiming ‘wo buyao rou’ bit. However, locals tend to remember foreign customers because we stick out, so if you’re ever back in the same place, they’ll remember your dining parameters.

    At non-veg restaurants in Tw, if you tell them you’re vegetarian, ‘su shih’, it implies no onions, garlic, green onions in addition to no meat. So I always make sure to specify that those things are ok. I mean, I’m not shunning flavors here (yes, I know Buddhist veg food in China/Tw can taste quite lovely without those ingredients, but why abstain when they’re available?)

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    • That’s my number-one complaint about China, how 素 doesn’t translate. Usually it means only a little bit of meat, which of course would be unacceptable and downright disrespectful in the West. That’s why Buddhist restaurants are so relaxing for me.

      I haven’t come across the no garlic-onions either thing. Perhaps only Taiwan?

      Technically I’m a pescetarian myself 🙂


  2. I almost switched to a vegan diet before summer: only meat I eat is chicken, and I should really give up all those chocolate bars and cookies… I wonder whether there is a vegetarian place in Shekou.

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    • Sounds healthy. Ideally free-range chickens, but how much can we do?

      There is a vegetarian restaurant at Sea World! Pay attention to Love, Shenzhen and they will be publishing a guide with that information…


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