Its not right but its right – Old Poems 2007 iv


Its not alright, but its oh-so write
Its young and fresh and free and better
Its melting skin upon heated glim
A dash of touch, briefly passed
Breath of cool, hotly cast
I don’t know, I do, I will
I want, I need, I can’t, I kill
Your heart is movement, my pen is weak
Press your eyes against my heat
Please do whats told, fleshy true, I implore you do
Because all that matters isn’t me but you
And for the deed is cast.
Imagine words, built from a past
A past not real, but solid still
A long-haired past of desired Will
Let me draw curvatures a-field
Let me felt it out, the chance I steal
Let me take charge of this, no don’t
O please don’t give me that choice, that hope
I can’t compete, with what’s in your head
And you won’t perform like what was said
Still worth a try, worthy effort
Effortlessly, not really, don’t be, don’t hurt
Just be words, an abstract bliss
Stop the truth, deny that kiss
No descript, no flighty hisssss
I’d much prefer that sad near-miss
Cause thats all the better, the right, the sight
Reality won’t do, close my eyes, goodnight