End of the month…

… and I don’t have any big blog planned. Whatever to write about~

I try to post something at least once a week. I’m afraid I don’t have enough to say this time.

It’s been a hell of a month. I secured a very busy and slightly lucrative freelance editing job. When it’s all out there perhaps I’ll share. Suffice to say, rewriting an entire book over the course of September wasn’t easy. But very good work to do.

In keeping busy, I’ve been very antisocial lately. Which works for me. Most of the time I’d rather stay in and read and watch movies and occasionally play video games, to be honest. Could it be I’m getting boring?!

I have plans to release some of my own writing. In due time. And some book reviews coming up, perhaps interviews. There’s always Chinglish. What else should I share? I have an idea for a short blog series about literature under a medium I haven’t explored as yet.

So stay tuned…

Literally Worlds Apart


Trapped in a room
it’s scary outside
With nothing to do
and nowhere to hide
You had a thought
but you can’t remember your dreams
Not since we all fought
nothing is as it seems
Literally worlds apart
I’m on Alpha Centauri
and you’re on Mars
or Beta Centauri?

How boring
Twelve light years away
no warp speed[TM] in sight
Your saving your change
for the chance might be slight
But if we invented a contraption
we might all have a chance
To save all the synapses!
and have a last dance…

Cheers to never forgetting
and never remembering
and live in the moment
alone, it’s an omen
a cherished approachment
to all nature’s encroachments

How horrid
Who wants it?