A Random Assortment of Cautionary Tales




Dear readers,

Just for fun, I recently put together some of my recent comics as an “ebook” on my old Smashwords account. I don’t often use that website, but if nothing else it is a useful vehicle for sharing free PDFs.

Feel free to read and download. This complication of one-page stories is hereby titled A Random Assortment of Cautionary Tales.

I also have hard copies in Shenzhen to happily share if you bump into me in person 😀

Tell your friends!


Moreover, if you happen to be a friend of mine on Goodreads.com and you want to be very very kind… Well, the funny thing about Smashwords is that even such a small ebook gets a listing on Goodreads. And I can always use reviews. So, wanna read and then quickly rate a few stars with your honest opinion…?





A Random Assortment of Cautionary Tales is just that — a random collection of one-page comic stories by Ray Hecht about the little things in life that haunt us so. No lessons to be learned really, just cautionary in the sense of the warning that everyday can bring new adventure in frustration, ennui, and meh.

Featuring: Umbrella Thief, Why Does This Always Happen to Me?, The Train, Sketch, a Run, Yet Another Semi-True Story, and the 4-part series Unnecessary Cries For Help




Sketches of girls

Here’s a hobby of mine, I like to draw. I know I’m not quite good enough to ‘dream’ to become an artist (I have other unrealistic dreams thank you very much), but it’s something I like to do for fun.

Perhaps I do have a bit of talent, you be the judge. Yet, I’m too lazy. I don’t like rulers, dull backgrounds, or even color. If you contrast with my cartoon style that stems directly from the imagination–which to me is more about story-telling over purely visual craft–it’s a quite different style than with these live models whom I’ve been lucky enough to sketch. Well, I generally like drawing pretty girls… especially faces…

The materials are charcoal pencils, pens, sketch pads and bristol board. Please allow me to share a few of my drawings through the years:







she is asleep