Kill Awake – old poems 2008 ii



Why do they say “fall asleep”?
Why don’t they say “Kill awake”?
Sounds easier
Same number of syllables
What’s the difference?
Perhaps they’re afraid

I don’t remember my dreams
Not the ones from last night
Or last week
Or twenty-years back…
Not the dreams of a short kid
Staring at the sky
The moon’s face grinning
Declaring, loudly
“I want to be a –”
Well I don’t know
I don’t remember

Any other puns?
Any intro-duck-tions?
Any quacks? Quantums?
Any hot or olds?
Or snow-frosts on my cake
With sweat and sour taste?
I kill awake
And I fall apart
With the knife
Into that gravity-
We’ll all forget eventually