2014 – 2015: Love and Publishing

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2014 – 2015: After recovering from some heartache, I reinvent myself yet again (tattoos, grey hair). Then family, family, and more family; meeting the next generation.
And at long last the love of my life, and we meet each others’ parents *shudder* … Africa!
Lastly, novel published. 

4 thoughts on “2014 – 2015: Love and Publishing

  1. Enjoyed catching up with your comics today, Ray. Really like how you grouped them year by year, some years better than others, others harder than others. Lol quite brazen of Bronwen to AirBnB out her rented place. Hope the landlord never found out 😛

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  2. I think I met you (well, online) in 2014. Nice to see Bronwen here, hehe.
    Why did you get in trouble because of your blog? Was it because of the time you were telling all of your dating stories? 😛

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