About to go to South Africa

Apologies for no good blog post so far this week.

Actually, I have a whole lot to write about. I have many Chinglish pictures lined up for your amusement, some new interviews with brilliant young writers waiting to be posted for posterity, and of course the latest news on the promotion of my forthcoming novel South China Morning Blues.

(Please do check out the official new web page: http://www.blacksmithbooks.com/books/south-china-morning-blues)


But I am a bit busy lately, because I’m preparing to fly out for a big trip tomorrow: I’m going to South Africa

Shall be there for two weeks. Never been to that continent before. Should prove interesting.

More on that soon.


— And let me say that as a couple of white people going to Africa, this song has been stuck in my head! 🙂


10 thoughts on “About to go to South Africa

  1. Have a wonderful trip! I feel like we’ve lived parallel lives, but you’re making the right choices early on. I was supposed to go to South Africa one summer when I lived in Hong Kong. A woman I tutored English to asked me if I wanted to go on a trip there that summer. I said sure, why not? I’ve always wanted to go and thought it would be fun to go on a Cantonese tour with her. But then I met a guy and got married that summer instead. C’est la vie. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!


  2. Have a safe flight and let me know if you guys are free.

    And you are right about the inflation. Everyone I know here finds it so nice and cheap currently. I mean, you’ll get a cup of coffee for under $1.50 , a full main vegetarian meal for around $3.50-$6 and generally shopping will be super cheap for you while you will probably see everyone whining about how expensive everything is. haha. My boyfriend’s mom gets paid in USD and they’re having a ball of a time with how affordable life is. lol

    Hopefully we can meet you guy 🙂

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