Weekend Chinglish Part II

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Enjoy moon cakes, whether they have nuts or egg yolk (well, I suspect you may not really enjoy the egg yolk flavor…)

I’m actually not in China right now. I’m in South Africa, if you can believe that. So busy. No time to get into that now. Later an epic post on all I’ve seen here.

For now here’s the beginnings of a motherload of Chinglish I found at a garden in Meilin, Shenzhen. So many signs. Take a peak–







4 thoughts on “Weekend Chinglish Part II

  1. Does that “Green Grass, Green Homes” poem actually mean the houses are green? I think my favourite is the “safety adds extraordinary splendor” sign. Depending on who you ask, recklessness is more splendorous than safety. Anyway, those are actually nice poems despite the Engrish.

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