Chinglish, enough?

Uh-oh, I’m worried I’m running out of good Chinglish pics from my archives.

I am always discovering new random words, but the flow might have to slow down soon.

How about if it was one pic per post, but more than once a week?

Here’s what we got now:

149017_460869308410_8337545_nNutural Vegtable Cssence, in your milk
Would you drink that?

Note what you’re not allowed to bring on the bus

12428_339523098410_7154257_nwonderful of the Universe

Lastly, Biessings to the massage!

13 thoughts on “Chinglish, enough?

  1. What are chinglish? is this humor or do they really think those words exist in the english vocabulary?or do they actually exist and i am just ignorant? *exidential crisis*


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