My historical novella, now on KDP

I wrote this historical novella a number of years back, and it has recently been edited and polished up a bit and I’d like to share. The Ghost of Lotus Mountain Brothel, now available as an ebook on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Press.

Not truly a ghost story, it is my humble literary take on the reflections modern world has with the classical eras we tend to needlessly romanticize. If you are intrigued and would like to read more, just ask and I’ll be happy to email you a complimentary copy.

Ghost 2

“The story of an average girl with big dreams. It is the early 20th century and times are changing in Canton. Asia is overrun with foreign businessmen of questionable character. Political upheaval is on everyone’s mind. An economic future uncertain. Historic times. 

The year is 1911, but it could just as well be today. A historical novella, set on the eve of the historic Hsinsai Revolution, when China shifted from the Qing Dynasty to the short-lived Republic, and there was a girl who witnessed it all. She was of a simple background, toiling away in the world’s oldest profession, but ambitious, and worked hard to educate herself. She had many names, Ling Yoo, Ling Ling, Little Sister, and Alice. 

A tale of the little people who stumble through history, observing from the sidelines, their point of view usually lost forever. The love of rickshaw pullers, contrasted against the love of wealthy British merchantmen at the climax of the imperial era. How shall she retain her dignity through it all? 

And throughout all this, there come echoes of a ghost. A haunting of China’s future, of the world that is to come. 

For China lovers of all eras.”

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