Annie Talk Show


I recently appeared on the “Annie Talk Show” in Shenzhen, an English-language talk show webseries in Shenzhen that focuses on expat issues and stars local girl about town Annie. Something I’d heard about for a while and was happy to be a part of.

It’s not the big -time or anything, but I always appreciate an opportunity to talk about my writing and my novel. The talk was fast-paced, and I’m not sure if I did well (or looked well) but it was good to express my literary themes to a new audience.

Now some of the interview has been posted on QQ, a Chinese platform. I tried really hard to figure out how to embed the file to play directly on this blog, but I couldn’t do it. Seems WordPress isn’t compatible with QQ! Couldn’t get the file to post on my own YouTube page either. Anyway you can just click on the link below if interested, although the audio isn’t great either, yet I’m happy to share:

5 thoughts on “Annie Talk Show

  1. Ah that sucks with QQ and WordPress. Western platform should really adapt more to these things from Asia. Without doubt with a WordPress “org” account you wouldnt have these troubles but then again you would need to pay a server monthly and have at least in the beginning too much work setting it all up (that is why I havent done it yet…I am just too lazy)


  2. Congrats on the interview, Ray. Going places with writing and what you do 🙂 As Timo said, sad that QQ can’t be embedded here. Maybe one day when QQ becomes bigger than it already is 🙂


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