Happy 2016 as South China Morning Blues is live on Amazon


Hello all, wish you a happy 2016!

As the new year comes, I would like to announce that my novel South China Morning Blues is *finally* distributing on Amazon in the States, and hence now available for readers to write reviews on the web page:



Amazon isn’t perfect of course, but it is nice for me to get reviews on the ubiquitous bookselling website. I have been very humbled by the positive reviews on Goodreads.com, as well as by various articles and blogs I’ve linked to here before (check out ‘Reviews’ and ‘SCMB’ at the menu above), and am now looking forward to seeing some of those reviews and more on Amazon. Feel free to share what you think of my novel therein…


And while I’m at it, don’t forget to check my other eBooks from the past which are still as readable as ever 🙂




Happy well-read new year!

6 thoughts on “Happy 2016 as South China Morning Blues is live on Amazon

    • I’m very okay. The Hong Kong issue is serious and I’m following the unfortunate story closely, but please know that it is not something that will directly overlap with me. Trust me. Thanks very much for caring.

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  1. Wish you a happy new year. Hope everything is fine there considering the bookseller news.
    Really, the book is now available on Amazon? Damn I really have bad luck when it comes to buying books ;p
    Let’s see when the book arrives here 🙂


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