More Updates: HK Literary Fest, SZ, GZ, Instagram…

Been busy lately.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who came to the excellent panel at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival! I was honored to be a part of the event, and add to the conversation on ‘Cross-Cultural Love’.

Anyway, I dare say I think it went well. The audience seemed to enjoy hearing what we had to say, and I actually think it was a success. It was an interesting talk, most of all due to all those other excellent writers to meet.

As well as the moderator David Nunan, it was great to meet the very intelligent Marshall Moore. Nice to see Shannon Young and Susan Blumberg-Kason once again.

The event was at the intriguing building known as the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, and I shall share via Shannon’s Instagram account here:


While at it, here’s Susan’s Instagram. Feel free to like and follow!



There I am. And now, back to my new pic-sharing blogging strategy of just sharing previous uploads from the app. Readers rest assured you are enjoying the best of these…




I also have a brief video. I’m not always confident at these sorts of talks but hopefully my contribution was halfway decent. Perhaps I’m getting more comfortable after all these events.

Hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much. Not much but see here.


Still yet more. On Wednesday, I attended the SWIC Book Club in my town of Shenzhen, a night of Life, Love, and Dumplings featuring other Shenzhen-Based authors Lom Harshni and Amanda Roberts. Read excerpts, talked about literature and the expat experience, and met many new faces.

Worth a ‘gram:



Stay tuned for even more. This week I’m preparing to go to a reading & signing in Guangzhou. It never ends!

As it should be, phew ~

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