Hainan Chinglish

On my recent trip to the tropical Hainan island/province, specifically the cities of Haikou and Wenchang, I came across this T-shirt for sale:



Which is the only particularly funny part.


Here’s a Tompie sign misspelled:



And the other day back in Shenzhen a guy with a shirt that loudly states: FUCK among other illegibles. Gotta love those shirts.




Fallow your heart, readers!

12 thoughts on “Hainan Chinglish

  1. Hi! I’m curious where the Tompie photo was taken. I work with the Hainan Province Tourism department, and if you agree, I’d like to share your photo with my colleagues. I’m hoping to raise awareness of Hainan chinglish within our department in hopes of making signage at local attractions slightly less baffling 🙂

    Thanks for the fun Hainan chinglish post!

    Nicki Johnson
    Visit Hainan


    • Hello. I believe it was at the 5 Lords Temple 五公祠 in Qiongshan District in Haoikou.

      Note that I like Chinglish and I think it gives Chinese sights character. I don’t mean to mock in a mean-spirited way. That said, I’d be honored if you share my pictures and I hope I can contribute in a small way!

      Now if only Guangdong would contact me and I could make a living of this… 😉


      • Thank you! Personally I think 5 Lords Temple is one of the worst attractions in Hainan, hope you got to go to some more interesting spots as well!

        I greatly enjoy my work, and even if some people are sad at the idea of getting rid of any of the fun and amusing Chinglish, not to worry. More is constantly being created 😀


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