Pearl River Drama: A Memoir



I have now completed my memoirs, in eBook form.

You may be familiar with the Dating in China blogs already, but there’s more to the story…

I have decided to edit them, and put them out there as an eMemoir of sorts on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Press.

Yet, this is not just a simple copy-paste and proofread for typos. Since this version isn’t all out there online for free, I have written more to the story. Certain personal, more graphic details. Certain things left unsaid that would be unbecoming on a public forum.

Not to mention further chapter continuing where the blog left off, and an epilogue.

If you’ve enjoyed my writings this past year, you may enjoy taking a look. And if you’d like to write a review on Amazon yourself, I will happily forward you a copy!

Even if you only have fond memories of reading the previously-blogged edition and prefer to leave it at that, it would be very considerate if you shared some thoughts. Positive or negative, tell the world what you think. Link above.

Thanks very much to all you readers out there!



— —

When one nerdy, young American moved from California to China in the autumn of 2008, he had no idea what was coming. He knew there would be an adventure and it would have its challenges, but he didn’t know it could get that bad.

From the deserts of Black Rock City, Nevada, to the towering metropolis of Hong Kong, this memoir takes our humble writer all across the globe in search of love. Well, maybe not always searching for love, but in search for something.

It starts on a psychedelic trip in Burning Man, and continues in the “overnight city” of Shenzhen. That’s in the Pearl River Delta, among the densest megacities on Earth. In breakup after breakup, one lonely expat struggles to understand the Chinese mystique. Featuring an ensemble cast of international girls, he had many experiences and leaned a few lessons along the way. The story continues to further exotic locations: Beijing, Canton, Bangkok, Manila, Ohio, the ruins of Cambodia, and Seattle.

Once or twice, he may have even found love. And lost it. Hearts were broken. Minds were mended. All in a haze of romance encounters, online dating, and travel.

This is his story. Complete with travel photos, and quotations from “Seinfeld” and Mo Yan.

10 thoughts on “Pearl River Drama: A Memoir

  1. I actually had hoped for this 🙂

    It was kind of disappointing when you left us hanging there after the last story so I guess soon I will learn what happens after the last blog post. Besides, I was always wondering what happened in the parts you left out in form of “stuff for another story…” perhaps these things are in the book as well:)


  2. Currently sitting at -$70 in my bank account so will have to revisit this when I’m out of the red. Congrats on getting it all together deary! I’m interested to see which bits weren’t suitable for the public forum 😉


  3. Reblogged this on Turning Lamebos Into Rainbows and commented:
    Hey guys, yes I may be a little biased because Ray is a friend (thanks wordpress!) but I’ve now started reading his book and its pretty fucking excellent. I thought it might be exactly like his blog posts and stories that he’s shared with me over time but I’m only about 25 pages in and can already tell its a lot more detailed – I’m hooked 😀

    If you like to hear about other peoples dating adventures/misfortunes and/or what its like to move to another country (and culture), you’ll really enjoy this 🙂

    And for Ray – congrats sunshine!! Xx


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