SZ Art – Animation Biennial

On Sunday afternoon I went to the B10 art hall for the “2nd Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennial” within the OCT Loft neighborhood.



I think it’s more a video art exhibition than animation. But semantics.

WP_20141221_010 - CopyLet us enter.


Can you make out the artists? Somewhat international.

Make sure to click for more detail.


The cinema, times:



An avant-garde Japanese film, of which I honestly could not understand:

WP_20141221_017 - Copy


I quite liked this Taiwanese loop, critique of consumerism it must be:

WP_20141221_027 - CopyWP_20141221_030


And so on





This German anarchic, fully :



And Chinese puppetry, see how it’s shot simultaneously from different angles:




And not only that, but OCAT hosted free art films, from various European and Japanese films as well as at least one strong Chinese independent movie.


Sunday night was The Night (夜) directed by Zhou Hao.

WP_20141221_044A precarious story about a gay male prostitute hanging out on a corner and making friend with a lady of the night, all with Greek mythological resonance via the story of Narcissus.

Afterwards, a Q&A with the actor-director Zhou Hao! It was somewhat depressing to learn that he is only 22 years old.


There are more films still left to see, last chance to check:




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