3 A.M.s to hold on to – old poems 2008 iv


3 A.M.s to hold on to

If I…
(Poems that start with “If I…”)
If could save these 3 A.M.s
I’d have more time
If I was asleep
Instead of on the Internet
till dawn
looking at porn
I wouldn’t be so busy with everything else

I like my 3 A.M.s
I hate my 3 A.M.s
But I love my 3 A.M.s
me and the goddess and my credit card number
and video

No, If I saved them up
I’d have more time
for Netflix
Or, uh, read books.




1 thought on “3 A.M.s to hold on to – old poems 2008 iv

  1. Organically speaking, this is a “great” poem! Raw, told in truth, no truth?

    Как вы думаете, мы можем говорить органически из обеих сторон нашего рта , и до сих пор улыбаюсь в то же время ?

    Имейте большой остаток недели , и выходные! Мы увидим, что произойдет в августе .


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