Drown – Old Poems 2008 I



I want to drown
Lungs to suck
I want to own
Someone to fuck
But I want a sale
don’t pay that much
For the price I’d pay
I wouldn’t get very much
But if I drowned
The ocean would rape my breath
What a sound!
Watery road to death
And all for free!
I’d pay for that
My kind of fee
They don’t charge too bad



5 thoughts on “Drown – Old Poems 2008 I

    • Thanks.

      Yes, I’m almost shocked at myself for writing this. It was a long time ago, I hope people know that. It’s dated.

      But sometimes strong words come out and it’s necessary to express that. Most of all I hope it is a compelling read. Thanks again.


  1. Whoa, good thing it’s dated 2008, very dark. You know I joke a lot, but in all seriousness I really do enjoy your poetry (it’s so you), and your style is very unique, short on words, but long on thought. You may not agree, but a very “beat” feeling. We should start to call you Allen.

    Liked by 1 person

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