1796536_10152095803463411_1142419575_nRare HK sighting, at bookstore, apparently it’s in the FUCK THE WORLD section


993358_10151652025513411_612509299_nExtraordinary splendor!


1922362_10152126166998411_1470683324_nDelicious healthy Orange sauce






599937_10150995539968411_682580996_ndried meat floss, han, bacom



Look closely


1471888_10151920891968411_597273999_nSlow Don !


6 thoughts on “Chinglish

    • Incidentally, I’ve always liked Salinger. Read as a teenager of course. I know as adults we’re supposed to be over teenage angst and Catcher doesn’t age well, but I re-read recently and still liked it. Guess just sentimental.


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