i wanna be extinct – old poem 2006


i wanna be extinct

So me and William-Billy LEE are hangin out in the Triassic and he’s holding my hand and the sights are cool but I’m a bit uncomfortable–“What, Allerton and little Mexican boys aren’t enough for you these days and nights and times?”–Time-travel is inconvenient–you get what you pay for—the X-Acto knife will cut into the inner thigh with minimal pain, and perhaps a aesthetic scratch or two for the sake of design-optional-the irony is rather hilarious in that when you rip off the bandaid the next day you find that’s the part that really hurts!–All that gushing, from hunting dinosaurs y’know, they’re an endangered species–3-horned beauty on the wall, raped it myself.

The Dead Insect Society has rules and regulations for these things–Please fill out the proper formage young man–I hate waiting in line–I hate doing forms on the internet–I love spellcheck

I bought a girl a sandwich and she doesn’t really care–Axis Mundi of Jew York City where all roads intertwine–Odin’s tree–but no pork or sausage or shrimp–It is an abomination you Godless queens–They will never love you–I hope this cell phone gives you cancer–Cancer of the crotch–AIDS of the astral sort–Swadhistana infected with microscopic toxins–burn the leeches with Platonic archetypal cigarettes–mmmm that’s a good smoke.

All of my dreams are of television–while all of your dreams are boring–the old Japanese phrase–Don’t worry honey, it’ll all be all right from now on–I promise–I’m lying–Hide out!–Go away–“In the correct zazen posture the right leg and left leg must intersect the left thigh and the right thigh–no bandaids please–for all is one and one is not and duality is the lie”–you liar–if you see the Buddha on the road than call this (800) number and put out a gang hit on him and roll up real slow at his pad at 2:00 AM and make sure you pop that muthafucka between the eyes cuz round here we don/t appreciate that kinda Middle Path shit–its kill or be killed in this Shangra-La hood–and the mystery is that there is no mystery.

In front of the keyboard all tired we find that parties are the hardest scenes to write-but then again parties are the only places where folks intersect–Axis Mundi–you Jews–and the drunken sex shame that follows may be no fun at the time but its all good masturbation fodder for later–he can’t get it up and all the girls are staring and laughing–the standup artist is the highest form of artistry while the artist who sit down are the lowest form of wretch in a poetry starved nation of genius television critics.

Kill the Buddha–Kill the insects–kill the rapist–hunt them–bury them–Sauropods make good meat–but its not Kosher–and I’m a vegetarian–and its a sin–the first commandment says to kill the Buddha the second commandment says to not kill the Buddha.

My morality code is based off an invisible sky-God who doesn’t approve of homosexuality or heterosexuality for that matter either–what about asexuality–The Dead Insect Society teaches that you only learn from mistakes, you don/t learn from doing the right thing–Why are we on this planet again–and by this method of spiritual journey as lists of mistakes well then I am very wise indeed.

6 thoughts on “i wanna be extinct – old poem 2006

  1. In the interests of sharing more content, I shall start posting old poems. Prepare for more.

    This one is more stream-of-consciousness than anything else, in the style of a dear American writer. Others will be of another style. You’ll see.

    I’m not sure I have much poetry left in me. After years of focusing on prose, I may be stuck thinking that way. However, I think I wrote a few good lines in my time. Hopefully a few readers out there will agree.


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