Chinglish – American edition

This isn’t really an American edition, but I have to give these new titles every time and I happen to be posting these Chinglish pics from China while being geographically in America so that’s what it’s called.

In this weekend’s round, more on the topic of urination.


The Surveillance State at work

ImageThanks for the valuables


Too sloppily dressing, no entry for you!

Don’t quite follow… sublimate…

As a vegetarian, I’m torn on this

ImageAt last, all spelled-out point of exercise area in gym

12 thoughts on “Chinglish – American edition

  1. have you ever seen one of the classic “slip carefully'”? Chinglish makes everything better (unless you find it on documents)


    • How dare you go online and talk about eternal damnation. This is just supposed to be a funny post and it should have nothing to do with your fucking extremist point of view. If you really want to know my thoughts on eternal damnation I guess I can plug my tattoo blog

      I’d warn you of your eternal insanity if you don’t repent from your bullshit beliefs, but somehow I don’t think it would make any difference at all. Please but leave me alone sir.


    • I do laugh on a daily basis, I hope everyone does, but it’s not THAT bad that I see this kind of thing everywhere. When I do find good Chinglish, I immediately photograph it and add it to my personal library. China is trying to clean up this sort of thing in recent years, which makes me laugh less 😦


      • Aww, everyone needs to laugh, I agree. Hope u keep the photos safe, they will become artifacts (wtf is that spelled right?) one day. You should be a rebel and take the signs off and keep one as a memento !!!


  2. Aww, when I read the title I hoped you had found Chinglish (or just bad English) while you were in America lol. Keep your eyes open; never know what you will find.


    • Yeah sorry, that may have been some unethical clickbait. But like I said, it’s hard to think up different names for every weekendly Chinglish post.

      If I find any in America I’ll definitely post!


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