Weekend Chinglish

It’s that time time again. Here are some lovingly-flawed translations for you to enjoy, the unique mix of East and West that results in China’s most treasured of contemporary cultural heritage: Chinglish

Have a good weekend!

Indeed, hasn’t every lady felt that way at times

Ah Baiyun Mountain of GZ, I do love you

Please always consider the life of plants… I knew there was something evil about being a vegetarian

Something seems rather Satanic about these intestines

I’m not even going to try to make sense of it.

ImageLastly, what better way to cheer up in a toilet stall than to read this, positively Armstrong-ian


For more, if you haven’t seen: Last weekend’s

8 thoughts on “Weekend Chinglish

  1. Ah, Chinglish always gives us hilarious moments…
    In Suzhou there is a sign pointing to a petrol station (加油) but the English sign says “Cheer”.

    My boyfriend works in an insurance company and now they are working on a case to insure crabs (Suzhou has several lakes and the crabs are considered a delicacy and are very famous in the region), well he didn’t know that actually in English there’s the word “crab” and the word “crap” and when I pointed it out to him he was reviewing all his emails checking if he had wrote crap instead of crab hahahaha.

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    • I think that’s the point of using the appetizing word intestines not sausage, if not sacrifice the animal yourself you at least want to imagine it getting slaughtered and intestines rolling out… yum…


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