America without a president

Once again, I feel that I should share my personal musings on the American political situation. We are now in the, what, middle of the month 2? It both seems that the times have gone by so fast, and after all the crap overload it also felt likes it’s been forever. Anyway this is my general update.

Near as I can tell, the most I can come up with for an optimistic interpretation of current events is that basically America does not have a president at all.

Think about it. No one is in charge.

Even if you live in bigoted right-wing bubble-land, in which it’s been “carnage” and the country needs fascism or whatever to fight the evils of centrist democrats, what exactly has been accomplished so far? The only real action was the oppressive travel ban, a disaster by any measure, and now there’s a new lighter version (which still makes no sense, they can’t even cite any terrorist threat from those six countries since Iraq was taken off the list. There’s no cited threat from refugees of any of those countries!) which my very well may be also overturned by a court .

Apparently, with all the nonstop Russian revelation scandals, the new narrative is it’s all because of… Obama! That boogeyman role just won’t go away. Funny how if you believe in that then you get to blame your own failings on the opposition forever. More on being divorced from reality below.

Even with the GOP controlling both houses, the repealing and replacing of Obamacare is a train wreck of nothing getting done. Why is it so hard after years of criticizing the healthcare plan? The president is supposed to get his way with his party in charge of the legislative, and yet still there is nothing. Hell, the only thing both sides of the aisle seem to agree on is that the new healthcare plan sucks.

And there is the fact that hundreds of administrative positions are still yet to be filled, because there are “too many government jobs.” Apparently this is due to real-president Bannon, who has said he wants to dismantle the permanent administrative state.

So in conclusion, this is not a real government. This is a shell of a government, with a TV president. Anything at all worth supporting exists only in the minds of the cult of the right-wing media bubble, and the entire world outside that audience demographic is looking on in horror as America just phones it in. All for show, and a shit show at that.

This is bad. Very bad. But perhaps, in a way, it’s not that bad. At the very least, we can know that these people are to incompetent to even run their fantasy tyrannical dictatorship.


So, of course I have to mention the latest tweets. What can I say? This is undeniable proof that the guy supposedly in charge doesn’t understand how his job works. He doesn’t understand anything about government, he doesn’t understand the separation of powers, which is kind of a big deal. Most bizarrely of all, he doesn’t even think to simply ask his employees if his predecessor illegally wiretapped him. His whole role of commander is to generate controversy on the internet and that’s about it.

Rather than ask his damn employees, this guy–who we know literally spends more time on Twitter than national security meetings–reads something unsubstantiated from the right-wing bubblesphere and proceeds to go on an embarrassing tweet rant. Why would he do that? What is the point of disrespecting the office of president so very deeply?  Is it really that worth it to rally his ever-shrinking base by whining about Obama, if that’s what it is, and therefore accomplish absolutely nothing other than making him impossible to work with?

No doubt law enforcement is not into this. This can’t be good for the FBI, CIA, NSA, and every other organization who reportedly no longer give classified information to their boss because of the valid fear of Russian leaks.

Maybe the true mark of this new era is that it doesn’t really matter anymore who is president. From here on, it’s just going to be idiot celebrities.

Ha, and can you believe that everyone was so impressed with the whole “the time for trivial fights is over” speech?? What a joke that pivot was! I repeat: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


It’s like, I used to believe that when someone becomes president the secret masters of the universe would take him to a back room and explain how the system really works. I assumed that happened to Obama, because honestly he did sell out on many issues. But with this guy, I don’t think those who really run things took him to the back room. I think they ignored him

Therefore, basically I don’t believe he’s a real president.

Sadly, in this new era of wannabe celebrity kings, many ordinary people will fall through the cracks. It’s going to be a difficult transition, and people will have to do a better job of taking care of each other as the welfare state and infrastructure slowly collapses. The environmental damage will possibly be the worst. In those few roles with which the executive branch is still doing anything, there is still tremendous damage to be done. It’s not fun for the immigrants arrested in raids, for example.

But overall, now we’ll get to see how the far society can go on when no one is in charge

And maybe just maybe it will somehow work out, and that’s the only thing there is to be mildly optimistic about.

I’d like to end on a note of sharing this interesting Colbert video, featuring former CIA head General Michael Hayden specifically saying that the guy forgot that he was president:


That is it, right there. I don’t think the real spymasters in charge are telling him a damn thing.

(Also note that the president has the right to share classified intel, and yet he never does, because he’s most likely not given any. And meanwhile turns out the CIA has more power than we think, the deep state is truly disconnected from the executive branch after all.)

He forgot he’s president, because deep down he knows he is not and that it’s all for show…


As always, the views expressed in this blog are merely the perspective of one expat abroad. I’m no expert, but I am a hopefully-wordly citizen of the United States trying his best to be aware and understand what is going on in the world in our ever ridiculous era.

12 thoughts on “America without a president

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  2. You write “the views expressed in this blog are merely the perspective of one expat abroad”.
    Well I can say that they are the perspective of two expats living abroad. And, I expect, of thousands and thousands more.
    The GOP has been famous for stating that “the government is a necessary evil”. The Trump band goes a step farther and drops the word “necessary”.

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    • I worry sometimes that as an expat I’m too out of touch. I try my best to keep up with the times, but how can I really know for sure what it’s like back home?

      Maybe American expats, though their perspective may be disadvantaged by distance, are still a bit smarter than average as proven by their desire to see the world. But that’s also so arrogant to say, right

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      • It is not arrogant to say – but there is another aspect. We benefit from a completely different, non-patriotic- American, non-insular media exposure. I try to explain to my baffled Austrian students that Americans aren’t stupid, they simply hear about a different reality in which they live in the “greatest nation on Earth and everyone wants to come here”. Even my highly educated and smart family members seem to intrinsically believe this. (Though, lately, they are becoming less sure.)
        Keep speaking your mind. In the words of my mother “You widen our horizons.”

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  3. This Modern World is a great comic! There’s not too much to be happy about in the USA right now I guess. Looks like this presidency is turning out to be bad news for everyone, the president included!

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  4. Trump is decadently ignorant without any motivation at all to change, beyond maybe slowing down on Twitter. I firmly believe this too shall pass. I think any reasonable person is expecting things to turn around and that Trump will be ousted. And it will be a bi-partisan effort led by Elizabeth Warren and John McCain. Something like that is surely down the road, right? We need to think that is going to happen. Many of us are simply assuming that will happen.

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