Book Review: South China Morning Blues

I am Meursault

(Standard disclaimer: Book reviews don’t follow the usual blog rules of taking nothing seriously)

What is nice and what is nasty? When we wander through life we tend to consciously divide the people we meet into two camps: nice guys and assholes. Probably no other social classification is as clear-cut once we move away from fixed biological terms like race, gender and age (though in this day and age even those are debatable). We all know who the nice guys and the assholes are: just look around the office you perhaps work in. Nice guys will be those stand-up chaps who share resources, participate in the social events, and always have a good word to say about anyone. Assholes, on the other hand, tend to be rude and often vindictive. We all want to be seen as nice guys, right?

This classification seems to be a general rule within Western…

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