Dad is coming to visit me


Me and Dad, in Florida 2014


This blog is a prelude of sorts. Not much in life to report as yet, but soon I hope to have some interesting autobiographical content to share.

Tomorrow I will go to the Hong Kong airport and pick up my dad. He will stay in South China for about ten days. His first time in the region. Finally, get to show off my expat life. He has no idea how epic it will be.

I saw him — as well as my mom and brother and sisters — last year in Florida at a family wedding. For me, about once a year is a good pace to meet family members.

We have a complicated relationship. Although I’m not very pleased with where I come from, at this age shouldn’t everything be fine? It’s not like I have some great trauma in my life to fret over. I’m simply not terribly proud of my mediocre background. Nevermind, moving on. Hopefully, in the near future, I can make something of my life to be proud of and get over that.

In truth, it’s rare to have visitors in China and I appreciate it. My sister came the second year I was here. My best friend visited the year after. That’s about it. If you know Americans and their typical lack of passports, it’s not easy to get them to fly across the world just to hang out. Wish more would.


My dad and I will be staying in Hong Kong the first few nights, planning to go to the Peak and the Star Walk and the Heritage Museum. Then we will cross over into Shenzhen, and I haven’t thought up all the details as yet. I often like to make it up as I go along with trips. Perhaps Dafeng art village and some crazy shopping markets. I do look forward to showing off the tremendous scale of mega-metropolitan modern China. We will also spend at least one day in nearby Guangzhou; I’m thinking of checking out the traditional buildings in Yuexiu park. Unfortunately no time for Beijing and the Great Wall & Forbidden Palace etc. Next trip I promise.


That would be the tentative plan. Gimme some time to blog more after the fact…

14 thoughts on “Dad is coming to visit me

  1. Sounds great! My mother’s family comes from somewhere near Guangzhou. They have their own village and a school for those of the same last name. I hope you post photos of your trip!


  2. My dad visited last year and stayed for 2 weeks. He is kind of lazy so we took it easy. He was happy I would let him take his nap and he also could eat everything he wanted without my mom nagging him haha (he is very fat). We did some sightseeing in Suzhou and Shanghai and that was all.

    Have fun!


  3. Sounds like a lot on your plate already for dad’s trip. He sounds like the kind who likes to make the most of his time, I don’t know, I might be wrong. Have fun and looking forward to hearing about it 🙂

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  4. That sounds like so much fun. I’m sure your dad will be amazed by China and Hong Kong. I have fond memories of my dad’s visits when I lived in Hong Kong. One thing I always did when visitors came was to take them out for Indian food at Chungking Mansions. It’s something they won’t forget and the food is quite good. Can’t wait to hear about his trip!

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  5. You’re so lucky! Even if your relationship isn’t perfect, it’s so nice to have a family member witness that “part” of you. I’m sad my family knows nothing of what it’s like to live in China (and they have next to zero interest). I have had several friends visit me over the years and It meant a lot. It’s so fun to have visitors!


  6. Its grea to have family members visiting the place you live in. Though I never lived in China my parents came for a visit when I was 5 weeks in Xi’an in 2011. They stayed for a week and got a pretty heavy sighseeing plate offered by my in-laws.
    Hope the weather won’t be too hot and humid, aint good for some older folks. My parents suffered a bit due to the extreme heat during July.

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