Shenzhen Art Museum

Last weekend we went to the simply-named Shenzhen Art Museum, of which I am ashamed to say I had never yet been.

The museum is located deep in Luohu District’s Donghu park, a beautiful park indeed, but not particularly nearby any subway station and hence I rarely go. A simple museum, the day’s theme was “Thermomatter” concerning the nature of the city itself juxtaposed by village traditions with urban sprawl…

Notably featured in SZ Daily:



I appreciated the photography, electrical grid, and particularly the piece entitled Mother.

20150711_10402020150711_104147 20150711_104847 20150711_104750





Finally, some audience participation in the donation of old clothes creating some original creativity.




There was also a little theme park outside. And a bird house with peacocks.




Check it out sometime, makes for a very enjoyable day!

2 thoughts on “Shenzhen Art Museum

  1. Wow! Shenzhen has certainly changed since I was last there. When I lived in HK, I felt starved for modern art and had to travel to Taipei and Tokyo for a fix. I know things have changed in HK for the better and it’s great to see that Shenzhen has a modern art museum. I love the audience participation part at the end.


    • Actually, there are many better museums than that one mainly in the hipster design district. Although Shenzhen has a long way to go to catch up culturally (its no Beijing) there is a suprising lot going on.

      Thanks for reading my post, Susan!

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