Smashwords Edition

Here is the latest…




A new edition up on the Smashwords eBook website:


One advantage of Smashwords is that you can download in multiple formats, and don’t need a Kindle account. There’s the direct PDF, as well as .ebub.

I can also do a coupon code to give free copies, if anyone is interested. Just ask!

Of course, reviews as always are appreciated (especially – sorry SW – on the Amazon link:

7 thoughts on “Smashwords Edition

  1. Congrats. I just got the first few chapters and when I get a minute I’m going to buy the whole thing. I’m excited to read it. Hey and if you ever come to LA, I’ll let you have that damn pink baby dress that guy tried to pick me up with last week. ha ha ha. I put a picture of it on my blog just for you. DMOL

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  2. Dude, I love your book so far. I’m so jealous of your Burning Man experience. I’m buying your book and I will email you when I finish it. Boy there is some shit I want to talk to you about. Mainly drugs and comics. ha ha (Two of my fave things)

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