The latest on eBooking

The latest news on my eMemoir: “Pearl River Delta” available on Amazon’s KDP:


Currently free, limited time promotional offer!

(By the way, the Kindle app is free. I’m not just self-serving here, you should get it and read up more)

Please take advantage and check it out. As always, a review would be quite appreciated…

This is my last chance at eBooking before my real novel comes out, “South China Morning Blues” published by Blacksmith Books out of Hong Kong. Hopefully, some readers will enjoy my creative stylings and stick around for such future projects.

Here is a brief preview, although it’s only a working cover:

And in other news, I’ve started an official Goodreads author profile. Still much work to do on that front,


Stay tuned for more!

8 thoughts on “The latest on eBooking

  1. Congratulations 🙂

    I am still hanging there writing a review of Pearl River Drama. I read it through in a few days but thats already some weeks ago and so far I only have few notes about it. Lets see when I finaly manage to get around and write a proper review 🙂


  2. Well, the promotion is already over. My thanks to everyone who checked me out!

    I gave away almost 300 copies. Is that a lot?

    I was #10 in all Amazon Kindle memoirs for a while there. Now I’m #36 for memoirs on China. I’ll take that.

    My writing, and therein promotion, has only just begun. But I am very grateful for all so far.

    Thanks again,


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