Hong Kong video II: Return to Occupy Central

Last week I returned to Occupy Central, to observe the umbrella-raising ceremony in support of the pro-democracy protest.

Again, I was truly inspired. The scale of this movement is truly incredible.

May they camp out as long as it takes…

Here is another vid:

5 thoughts on “Hong Kong video II: Return to Occupy Central

  1. the whole movement has basically disappeared from Western media. In Germany they don’t even lose a word about it anymore on the news, in Finland it’s the same and many other countries in Europe. Instead they bring a big feature about some designer who died in the US…oh this weird world, Interesting topics are being pushed aside while the big news are about some celebrities no one cares about 😦


    • The western media is only concerned about ratings. If people lose interest in a news story, because it drags on for a few weeks, they just move on and cover something that is more fresh.


    • It’s absolutely witnessing a historical process. Glad you got to see it for yourself!

      The truth is, all these writings don’t do it justice and the only way to know for sure is to see with one’s own eyes…


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