Weekendish Chinglish

Love the asking grass, anthropomorphized

Don’t ever retrograde

Not wrong. But hey, money isn’t everything

Perfectly translated gag gift ash tray, of which I feel very much worth sharing

I feel somehow a lack of closure

Transition through breast, is the spa package I’d recommend

999394_10151652025383411_1828019206_nAbide by law in every word and every deed OR ELSE

Some more automatic rinse apparati

2 thoughts on “Weekendish Chinglish

  1. I really have to take next time pictures when I see some Chinglish. I actually wonder why so many places dont get a proper translation done, I mean not the 1 to 1 translation from Chinese to English which results in these wonderful texts. It can not be that expensive to hire someone to point out how rediculous those translations are


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