Backpacking with a library

I said it before and I shall say it again, the hardest part of moving is having too many books. My rate of buying new books is exceeding my rate of getting rid of old books (the latter something I don’t like to do but must at times…)

Know what else is hard? Backpacking across the globe and picking up endless amounts of books. It is not easy on the shoulders. But, I mean, I’m in an English-speaking country and there are used bookstores and I can use Amazon in America at my friends place and I need all this stuff.

Here is what I speak of:


Not going to be easy to transport on my LAX to HKG flight tomorrow…

For more information. Firstly, let me share my comics. Always been very important to me.


I was always a fan on Simon Furman’s Marvel Comics period of Transformers and when I heard about Regeneration One several years ago, I had to have them. Now I am caught up. Can’t wait to read, it will be the end of an era. I know the Transformers franchise is complex mess, and I haven’t even read the other comics, and suffice to say as an old school fan I HATE the movies. Yet, I will always have a soft spot for the classics and I must know what happens next to Hot Rod and Optimus and Grimlock!




I’m a nerd, I know. One of the only comics series I still buy and keep up with is One Piece, and I’ve been invested in the books since the beginning. I’d argue it’s a subversive series, kids all over the world (including notably China) are being taught that the government is the bad guy. So much imagination, humor, and positive messages therein. It’s the New World, and Luffy is gonna be the king of the pirates.



I can be literary too, even if not especially with comics. Much has been written about Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen — and if you mention the movie I might just disown you. The genius author barely produces any work these days, but whenever he does I must purchase it. Now there are but the stand-alone League graphic novels, this one about Nemo’s daughter in Berlin fighting Germanic literary characters, and after I read this I will have more reading to do to catch all the references…




Let me get to the ‘real books.’ Irvine Welsh is one of my top writers, an inspiration, and I love his universe of scumbags which began in the iconic Trainspotting. Crime is the sequel to Filth, which they just made a movie of. I planned to reread Filth, watch the movie, and then read Crime to carry on seeing more of the police chief character. Not to mention it takes place in Florida and I was just there. Also, I was at the Long Beach mega used bookstore (formally a Borders, but at least they put the space to good use) and saw a Vonnegut novel for a dollar and sorry I haven’t read this one yet so I bought it.




Here are some others. While at the used bookstore, I picked up Tolkein’s The Silmarillion to complement watching the Hobbit movies; Siddhartha by Hesse which I already recently reread but I got this one for a friend; a Hong Kong book; and chakras. Ommmmmm.




I’m not terribly familiar with this series by Gene Wolfe. It’s not mine, I ordered it for a friend. No doubt it’s great, but I wouldn’t know.




And some black power books from my favorite militant friend. Huey P. Newton, the great founder the Black Panthers (the original ones not the new party poseurs) as well as the story of Assata Shakur. Remember her during the issue with Common?


WP_20140614_009Lastly but not leastly, I’ve learned a lot from and I intended to read their de-textbook to learn more. Iconoclastic, myth-busting, and hilarious. I’ll get a lot of this tome.


Well then. That should cover me reading-wise for the next few months. For more for anyone who cares about my reading habits, here’s this My bookshelf lately and my profile on Goodreads: Ray H


Keep reading! Oh, and tell me what books you’re into these days…

11 thoughts on “Backpacking with a library

      • I love physical books. But, I have moved house 20 times, and I have never managed to carry all my books with me. Hence, the reluctant switch to Kindle. Plus, one day my wife told me that there was space in the house for my books or for me… And, I wanted that roof over my head!


  1. So many books! I try to not buy too many, they are so heavy! But I’m accumulating quite a lot in Suzhou now…

    I’m currently reading Building Stories, by Chris Ware. It is kind of depressing but extremely good, and not just a book (it is a box containing 14 comics, all in different sizes and formats). I got it in Amazon China for 185 RMB! Much less than what it costs in Spain or in US!

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  2. There is nothing like a good physical book, or even one falling apart… It’s still good. There are some books they just don’t put online and classic comics in your case. I frequent used book stores and the library to satisfy that urge, but I really enjoy not having the clutter of permanent books with so many ways to read electronically. It seems it would be a great way to travel as well as much as you do. I commend you for your back breaking stubbornness for a good read, and maybe you’ll give the electronic thing a chance in the future 😜 As for being a nerd, it just means you are passionate about something. Love that!


  3. I was anti reading stuff on tablets, but I have been won over. Not sure what reading a full book digitally is like, but I have no issues with comics.


  4. My books are my most prized material possessions, so I totally understand why you’d need to bring them with you. I’m surprised that so many of my books from 20 years ago are still with me today. That took a minor miracle! Safe travels!


  5. Without books, I think I would pack all my personal stuff in 2 big mountain backpacks or even less… stuff is overrated.


  6. Hahaha I’ve had that problem too. Any chance you could ship some to a location ahead of time? I know it’s expensive but it might save you money on the Chiropractor in the long run… might I also suggest a Kindle? (Go ahead, give me the scorn-y eye of betrayal from classic books, but I’m telling you, it will change your life!)


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