– a passive recipient –

Flatulence, Pestilence, Irreverence

You made me sad one time and I will never forgive you
You’re a joke and you toke and a slow pole troll too
Deserving of perfection, not introspection
Know what I know and shut my ears if I don’t

I deserve, I deserve, I deserve

Anything short of enlightened Buddha-hood bodhisattva cosmic-one-ness

Will not do.


Your Limerence is limited by my lies
my telepathy
Your insignificance is confirmed by my trite
my right
by right
I’m right
Your plight has no bearing, no empathy

Die already. Why drag this out?
An inconvenience of lessons not learned sentencing not sentenced.
It’s cute when I pout.



Go away
Every day
I deserve
Every way

I pretend
You ghost, I boast
Lie, Lime, Limer, Limere—DON’T SAY.





. . .





(No sequels please)

(No brain no control no heart disease)


Plastic disaster

Shallow implosive


I’m a good judge of character
I’m a good judge of fake character
I’m a good
I’m a fake
good I’m


fake plastic characters
shallow, impassive, comforting depth, depthness


I like I like I like

Shallow plastic fake chara depthness

6 thoughts on “Limerence

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      • Haha. I am into all that “astrology nonsense bullshit” unfortunately…was well groomed by my friend’s older sisters and even brothers here in San Francisco and all. But! I do not take too much stock in that since what “they” (and by “they” I mean astrologists consensus cult) say shitty things about my own sign. Aries men rule though. Just sayin’! And thanks for taking the time out to type a reply to humor my silly question ☺️

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