Happy Mid-Autumn Fest, with short short herein:

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Enjoy eating your mooncake, and take the time to consider the rise of China and human development and the logical conclusion that one day people will celebrate the tales of Chang’e while literally on the moon. Presented is my science fiction short short, simply titled Mooncake. Did I mention its free?

“It is Mid-Autumn Festival in Lunar Colony 01111001’s Chinatown, a holiday celebrated by eating mooncake and regaling with tales of Chang’e flying to the moon. Little Xiao Yue asks her grandfather what it all means. There is always a generation gap. How can precocious children in the future understand the metaphor? Enjoy this short short, a taste of one writer’s science fiction and Sino overlap.. “

Somebody out there rated it 4 stars, can’t be that bad.


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