Continuing with my geek out – see first post about casual gaming – I’d like to share my humble toy collection.

After a recent move, it was very important for me to get a new bookshelf to organize my toys. Not that I play with them, I’m a grownup, it’s just my version of decorations. To each their own, right?


Where to start: Classic nime characters, nostalgic transforming robots of our youth, cute stuffed-iness… I only wish I had more. One day I shall complete my collection, one day.



I do so love Transformers. And not that Michael Bay crap, the real original Transformers by goddamn. Optimus Prime I got in JAPAN, Megatron in tank mode, some beautifully intricately posable Jazz and Prowl, Dinobots both Grimlock and Slag – also Japanese – Starscream, Bumblebee, and believe it or not that’s Ar-cee in motorcycle mode lest you think I’m leaving out the girls. It doesn’t get any cooler/nerdier.


WP_20140514_002I’ve always been a fan of Gundam, especially the original Universal Century shows from the 80s. This is a model I built of the Gundam Zeta, one of the greatest mecha designs in history and from a kickass science fiction show. In fact, I have tons of Gundam models back in that closet thousands of miles away, but this is the one I currently have at my place. Bonus: a small Sayla figure I got at a 7-11 in Japan!



Here’s a Studio Ghibli plush doll, Ponyo the mermaid. As well as Chopper from One Piece, one of my faves! He’s a great character, and while others from the pirate ship Merry Go/Sunny Go will be represented here as well he always stands out with the most toy. Cuz he’s cute y’know. And Plants vs. Zombie, and a Yoshi or two never hurt anyone



A whole bunch of Naruto guys. Twenty in all. We got Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Sakura, Jiraiya, and many more. Watch out for Orochimaru. I know you’ll be Hokage someday. Who’s your favorite ninja?!



Naruto himself, Luffy the KING, Majin Vageta, Nami, and kiddie Usopp. The question is, of course, who would win in a fight..?

You might even say it’s over 9000 🙂



For Western comics mythologies, I don’t have a lot here but I have these. One evil Sinestro Corps ring and the glorious White Lantern ring. I like to put these on with my friends and fight to save the universe, yeah right but wouldn’t that be great if I did?



Miscellaneous. Some random small stuff I cam across recently. Leonardo, leader of all turtles ninja. Lego-eque Yoda. Sully from Monsters, Inc. And a wind-up Peppa Pig because why not.



Here’s a monkey hanging on for dear life. I bought this a gift for a Monkey-signed ladyfriend, yet he’s still hanging around.


What do you think people? Want to see more? If I were to go further deeper into the pit of my nerdiness, I would have to start with my comics collection. Only about 10,000 or so books. That might be one epic post. Well what do you think, worth a read?

16 thoughts on “Toyshelf

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    • I got it at one of those girlie shops they have in China where you can get cheap makeup and plastic jewelry and cheap stuffed animals. I know exactly where to get another if you want


      • Your red monkey looks eerily like a blue smaller stuffed one I have that I picked up on the streets and couldn’t find where it was (is) from.

        That’s very nice of you, but I can’t see how you can get it to me.


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